Investor Information

Eligible investors are those that could directly or indirectly bring in or assist in generating business to the company. 


1) Trade Investors: salesperson, chefs, food service owners, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, institutional buyers, etc. 

2) General Investors: Malaysian. 

The minimum amount is RM500.00.

1) Trade Investors: The eligible investment amount is taken as 50% of your projected annual sales revenue that you could possibly generate for the company, subject to annual review.

Example: Your projected annual sales revenue = RM10,000, then your eligible investment amount would be RM5,000 (RM10,000 x 50%).

2) General Investors: Maximum eligible investment amount is RM1,000

The projected income and growth is 4-8% and 100-200% (upon Exits) respectively.  

This is a medium-term investment plan with group Exits between 4-6 years. So we do not encourage individuals to sell off their share earlier than this Exits period.